Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a single-player card game usually played with 2 decks of cards. This is one of the most famous versions of solitaire games. Compared to the traditional solitaire games, its main goal is to complete the cards in the tableau in a descending order (king through ace). Once this cascading order is achieved, it is cleared away from the game.

Before moving forward, let us define some terms to better understand the game.

Tableau – this consists of the rows and columns where the decks of cards are piled up. This is also where the game is mostly done.

Foundation – after you make a cascading order of cards, they are moved here. The ultimate game of each player is to get all the cards into the foundation area as you proceed through the game.

The difference at how spider solitaire is played:

Stock – these are the piles of cards that you have to deal with. In order to win the game, you need to complete all 8 possible stocks.

Suits – compared to other solitaire types in which all four suits are used, this may or may not be possible with spider solitaire. You have to pass all the suits with corresponding levels before you level up to a higher challenge.

Card order – sequencing of cards is a little bit different in this game. Like the other solitaire games, the cards, which are in the tableau, are rearranged in descending order but they have to be in the same suit.

Stock – drawing is very important in this game. After the cards are drawn, you have to deal with each single card in each column in the tableau.

Difficulty level – out of all the solitaire games, this is considered as the most difficult. Depending on how you deal with the cards, winning this game is often very hard to achieve.

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